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Tool Support

Login help:

What’s my username? Your username by default will be set to the letter A, followed by the 12 digit serial number of the tool (e.g. A876526374890)

What’s my password? Your password by default will be set to 123456. 

Why does my tool say no network connection? There is a problem with your internet. Check under Settings -> WLAN if the network is connected. If not, try restarting your router and wait for 5 minutes before trying again. 

General help:

Q: How do I install my SD card? A: Enter the following link in your browser for an instruction video:

Q: How do I register my diagnostics tool? A: Make sure the diagnostics tool is powered on and the tool is connected to WiFi, then call us on 01923 882392 and we can talk to you or your customer through the process.

Q: What is my password for updates? A: 123456

Q: How do I update my diagnostics tool? A: Select the ‘Diagnostics’ app which is located on the home screen, then click ‘scan’, now select ‘software update’, and then ‘log in’.  You will see a list of all the software on the tool and any with ‘ticks’ in the boxes will need updating, press ‘update’ and the files will download and install. 

The first time the tool is activated the updates will download in three batches which can take at least 15-20 minutes depending on Wi-Fi speed. Once this is then completed the tool will be up to date.

Q: Some updates say “install manually” what should I do? A: Tap where it says ‘install manually’, when the box appears tap install and then it will carry on the rest itself. Click done when shown. We recommend leaving the manual installs until last and then once all completed, restart the tool. 

Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet update my diagnostics tool? A: Yes, you need to be connected to the internet to update however you don’t need to be connected to use the tool for diagnostics.

Q: How often should I update the software? A: We recommend that you check for updates once per week, as there can be updates pushed daily.

Q: Will my diagnostics tool still work if my updates have expired? A: Yes, the diagnostics tool will still work if your updates have expired. You can purchase these at any time with no additional catchup fees. This will then bring all the software up to date.

Q: Is my VCI connected to my diagnostics tool? A: Your VCI will have a serial number that is the same as your diagnostics tool and is paired to the tool that it was supplied with. Please check this before leaving with the customer as the wrong VCI will not work.

Q: How do I share a report? A: Once the report has been saved and you have entered the vehicle and garage details, there will be a share button in the bottom right-hand corner. This will allow you to share the report via email (if signed in), Bluetooth, WiFi, to a printer or any other apps set up for sharing. If you get stuck, call us!

Q: Can I code headlights with the tool? A: Most new vehicle headlights require coding when replaced. This is due to the complex nature of modern-day headlights and all the functionality they contain. They will always require OE software to code them to the vehicle.

Q: What happens if I reset my diagnostics tool by accident? A: Please call our technical support line and we will be able to help you. We may be able to rebuild the tool remotely, or worst case scenario you can return it to Red for a same day rebuild.

Q: My tablet is not charging, what should I do? A: Firstly, try an alternative charger, see if this will charge the unit. If this fails, give us a call and the unit will need to come in for testing.

Q: Who shall I contact if I have an issue with my diagnostics tool? A: Call our technical support line on 01923 882392
. Please make sure your tool is up to date before calling us.  If your tool needs to be returned under warranty, you will be given a returns number.