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Red launches Augmented Reality (AR)

Red have launched Augmented Reality as part of our support options for both our technicians and customers. Below is an outline of how AR can be used in the Automotive Repair industry, as well as some of its benefits.

While wearing Smart Glasses or an existing Red Diagnostics Tool, a technician could consult a specialist/expert in a call or support centre. They would see everything that the workshop employee has in their view. Extra support could be provided to the technician in addition to a verbal explanation.

For example, the specialist can draw markings or display images/videos in the technician’s view to guide him through the rest of the repair.


  • Increased rate of first-time fixes for diagnostic and repair issues
  • Vehicles are back on the road quicker – happier customers
  • On-site support is reduced, reducing travel and other costs.

Why AR?

Traditional contact for support is via Telephone or Email, while there is nothing wrong with these much-used methods, some problems require more than just an explanation.

A demonstration via the AR glasses/tablet can help the technician visually understand the problem and the solution.